Trust AthletiGuard™ when it comes to registration fee recovery, reimbursement in the unfortunate event of a job loss or injury, and replacement of your equipment.

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Accident or Injury

If the insured athlete is hurt or injured while playing and is unable to continue playing, the registration fees for that season will be reimbursed.

Loss of Family Income

If the insured athlete or their parent (if under the age of 18) loses their job during the season, the insurance will reimburse the registration fee for that season.

Theft or Loss of Equipment

If the insured athlete's belongings are stolen while participating in an official team event, the insurance will reimburse for those items.

Registration for Canadian sports can be very costly for athletes, often ranging anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. When life’s difficulties prevent you or your athlete from participating in these sporting events, your family could be left with the bill for activities that they cannot participate in.

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