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Protect your belongings.

Purchasing content insurance with TGI is easy. Use our Coverage Explorer Tool to help determine what level of coverage could work for you.

Protect your payments—and your peace of mind.

Make sure you’re covered with TGI Credit Insurance.
Use our Coverage Explorer Tool to see what policy works for you.

Keep your fitness up.

TGI’s easy Fitness Membership Insurance covers a variety of circumstances to help you stay on track when you need it most.

Stay connected.

Explore our three levels of Mobile Device Plan Coverage to find one that fits with your phone plan.

Keep the lights on.

Our three levels of Utilities Coverage will make sure your utilities get paid when the unexpected happens.

Group Creditor Insurance Products.

Do you have a group policy issued by one of TGI’s partners?

TGI has you covered.

What are you looking to protect? Select an option below to find out more. 

Protect your belongings.

You’re renting a studio apartment downtown, packed full of all your tech, your extensive record collection and the bedroom set you splurged on (even though you probably shouldn’t have). What if there’s a fire in your building and you lose everything? With content insurance you can sleep easy knowing all your belongings are protected.

Bronze Content Insurance

In school or renting for the first time? We've got you covered.

Up to $10,000 coverage

Silver Content Insurance

You've moved beyond hand-me-down sofas and have abit more to protect.

Up to $25,000 coverage

Gold Content Insurance

You're established and own things you're proud of -we'll help make sure they're safe.

Up to $50,000 coverage

Protect your payments.

So much of what you do is online—so your credit card is crucial. It helps you score tickets to the the big game, order those shoes you just had to have and land plane tickets to white sand beaches. With credit insurance, you can take comfort in knowing that if the unexpected happens, TGI will make your payments.

Bronze Credit Insurance

No balance is too low to protect.



Up to $2,000 coverage

Silver Credit Insurance

Rest assured knowing your payments are covered.

Up to $5,000 coverage

Gold Credit Insurance

Don't fall behind on large payments-make sure you're covered.

Up to $10,000 coverage

Keep your fitness up.

You’ve decided to live a healthier lifestyle, signed up for a fitness membership and committed to a contract. But what if something unexpected happens that keeps you from being able to pay your membership? Failing to pay your dues can also negatively affect your credit rating. And that’s another stressor you just don’t need.

Bronze Fitness Insurance

Fitness is a priority but you don't want it to break the bank. Make sure your fees are covered!

Covers your gym membership fee up to $25 per month

Silver Fitness Insurance

Think of us like your spotter at the gym. We're here if you need us.

Covers your gym membership fee up to $50 per month

Gold Fitness Insurance

Don't let financial strain interfere with your Hot Yoga or Crossfit schedule. We'll help you stay stress free.

Covers your gym membership fee up to $100 per month

Stay connected.

Keep your tech connected with a TGI Mobile Device Payment Protection Policy and we’ll cover your mobile device payments for up to 12 months in the event you lose your job through no fault of your own or are injured and unable to work. Your phone is your link to family, friends and work, and you need to stay connected so you can get the support you need when an unexpected life event occurs. Falling behind on your payment obligations can also impact your credit rating—making a bad situation even worse.

Bronze Mobile Device

You don't need all that fancy data—but you still want to stay connected. We can help.

Covers up to $50 of your phone bill per month

Silver Mobile Device Coverage

Your phone isn't the most important thing in life but it still connects you to the people who are. We won't let you lose touch.

Covers up to $100 of your phone bill per month

Gold Mobile Device Coverage

You're hyper-connected and can't imagine it any other way. We can help you keep the data flowing.

Covers up to $200 of your phone bill per month

Keep the lights on.

If you lose your job through no fault of your own, or become disabled or injured, you still need a way to pay for your utilities to keep the power running to your home. We can help keep your water running, the lights on and your house warm should an unfortunate life event affect your ability to pay your monthly utilities bill for a maximum of 12 months.

Bronze Utilities Insurance

As far as utilities go, you stick with the essentials. We'll help you keep the lights on.

Covers up to $250 per month

Silver Utilities Insurance

You can finally turn up the heat without stressing over the bill. We'll make sure it stays that way.

Covers up to $500 per month

Gold Utilities Insurance

Creature comforts are important to you—we wouldn't want you to lose them if the unexpected happens.

Covers up to $750 per month

TGI makes insurance easy.

Trans Global Insurance has been proudly serving Canadians for 18 years. We constantly work to create products that meet your unique needs and offer them direct for the best rate possible. Our products offer the coverage you need—and nothing you don’t. Our insurance policies are fair, our claims process is fast, and now you can do it all online.

Seamless Signup

All the coverage without the wait. Complete our easy online enrolment in a couple of minutes and you’ll be insured in no time!
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Quick Approval

You can be approved instantly and your coverage starts right away. Just think about what you’ll be able to do with all the time you saved!

Easy Claims

Submit your claim online or download the form—either way, claims are processed quickly to help get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Make sure your belongings and payments are covered. It’s the easiest insurance process you’ll find!